Escape games are a new leisure activity born from the current trend of transferring the virtual games to real life.

These games are perfect to share with family members, friends and with colleagues. It is an ideal plan to test and show off your capabilities and your mental agility.

Each game is developed in a space especially decorated according to its theme, and starts at the moment when you and your team enter into the room. You will have to solve all kind of enigma, puzzles and challenges, following mysterious clues that will take you to the exit.

You have 60 minutes to find it!ESCAPE ROOM MADRID, located in one of the most desirable areas in town (next to El Corte Inglés in the Castellana and very near to the Bernabéu Stadium), surrounded by restaurants and shops, where you may make the most of your leisure time, is the best option to enjoy yourself any day of the week.


A unique experience, thrilling and unlikely to forget!