What is a life escape game?

It is a novel leisure activity with its origins in Japan where escape games on line were transferred to real life. It is ideal for testing your wits while you have fun with your friends, family or colleagues. You will enter into a room, especially decorated for each theme, and together with your team you will have to solve puzzles, and follow mysterious clues or find hidden keys in order to reach the exit in less than 60 minutes.
A unique and thrilling experience!

Which is the minimum age to play?

From 7 to 107 years old. Under 7 years old kids lack the necessary maturity to solve our challenges. If a player is over 107 years old, we will be delighted to make an exception and invite him or her to play for free.
Attention! At least one in a group must at least be over 16 years old. ERM reserves the right to ask for ID.

I do not speak Spanish. Is that a problem?

Our games are not based on language. Our challenges and puzzles can be solved by anyone, from anywhere. You only have to apply mere common sense, which is universal!

What happens if we are late?

The group must be in our premises between 10-15 minutes before the booked time. A delay of more than 10 minutes would mean the cancellation of your reservation. No refunds will be given!

How long is the total “experience”?

Approximately 90 minutes: 10-15 minutes for our staff to welcome you and give you a briefing, and to put in a locker your belongings (coat, bag, cell phone…); 60 minutes for the game, and 5-10 minutes after to “comment on your plays” and take a photo wearing a detective outfit. You may choose to be Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Guardia Civil or a detective of the 50’s. And if you wish to have a souvenir, you will find something nice in our shop (T-Shirts, polo shirt, hats, cups, etc.)

The person who booked for us cannot come…

No worries! The group may play, and you may even invite someone else to substitute for the “missing” one.

What happens if we get “stuck” on the game?

Don’t worry, our game masters are especially trained to help you and will give you hints whenever you need. The clues will tickle your brains, but they will never reveal the solution. That would not be fun…

We are two groups and we would like to compete playing the same game. Is that possible?

Of course. Although each room holds from 2 to 5 players, we have 2 identical rooms for each of the 3 games, so two friendly or rival teams can compete at the same time. This choice multiplies the excitement, because on top of escaping successfully, you will have to do it in less time than the other team!

Do we need special physical conditions?

Not at all. No physical strength is needed for any of our games. The only requirement is to look carefully at every item in the room and use your wits and imagination to solve the challenges.

And do not forget to bring with you a good dose of being willing to enjoy!

If a player wishes to abandon the game…

No one will stop him or her leaving. Our game masters use webcams to follow the game and will be ready to help with any need that might come up. You will always be able to try again on other occasion!

Do we have to book in advance?

It is most preferable to book and pay online, but if you just pass by and cannot resist the impulse of playing, perhaps you will be lucky and find a vacant room. Please be aware that we only accept bank/credit cards.

¿All the 3 games have the same level of difficulty?

Yes, the level of difficulty of the three games is very similar, only changes the decoration of the scenario and the type of challenges, always according to the theme of the adventure.

I have a GIFT VOUCHER, How can I trade it?

Just click here (pones el link que hay en “canjealo aquí” cuando vas a comprar un cupón) and you will be able to trade your gift voucher and book

I am interested in organizing an event for my Company. What do you suggest?

ERM is the ideal solution for Companies to escape from the usual routine and doing something especial and enriching.

Our games are the perfect tool to evaluate the position of each member of the group when building a team. This can also be useful when selecting staff, improving motivation and determining leadership qualities and as an incentive to meet new challenges.

We have at your disposal a private room, with the appropriate equipment, where you may meet with your group before the game, to fix the goals and/or after to comment the results. We can take up to as many as 30 players per session. We can also organize a brunch or a snack, as well as personalized gifts if you wish.

Please check in with us to give you a tailor-made event adapted to your needs.
Check prices and availability in: comercial@escaperoommadrid.com

Or by telephone: 917 034 102 / 628 603 146